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Weight Training Diary

Lift Log
3rd Edition: Diary and Guide for Strength Training

Price: $13.95
Paperback (Copyright 2006)
Spiral bound
ISBN: 0071459367
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Dimensions (in inches): 0.42 x 8.99 x 6.54

LiftLog, the top selling weightlifting log and body building strength training diary, has been totally updated with vivid new photography and fresh information on strength and fitness training. This revised and re-designed weightlifting and weight training diary gives you 132 undated log pages for tracking progress, along with more than 30 pages of weightlifting tips and workouts.

Whether you’re weightlifting for sports strength and fitness, or weightlifting for bodybuilding and sculpting, Lift Log is your key to weight training success. Lift Log is a best selling weight training diary that will help you plan and track your weightlifting program so every ounce of effort you put in pays off in the greatest results possible.

weight training diary front cover
Lift Log, (Front Cover) helping you get the most from your weight training
LiftLog Features to Enhance Your Weightlifting:
  • 112 days of un-dated, easy-to-use, weight training log pages with plenty of space to note your sets, reps and weights for each weightlifting workout, as well as your cardio, conditioning and nutritional programs
  • 34-page weightlifting guide with sample weight training workouts for fitness training of all levels
  • Body measurement worksheet for keeping track of your changing weight and muscle growth
  • Progression worksheet for marking improvements in your weight training with sets, reps and weight for each exercise
  • Sample weight training and weightlifting workouts at every level to give you a jump-start on reaching all of your weightlifting fitness goals

Sample Chapter

Author Biography:
Tim Houts is the author of six fitness books. A competitive swimmer, runner, and triathlete, he has used strength training for over 25 years to supplement his time in the pool and on the road. The founder of Sports Log Publishers, he lives in San Francisco.

weightlifting log back cover
(Back Cover)
noting the improvements in the top weight training diary in print
weightlifting log back cover
log your weight training workouts
weightlifting log back cover
log your weight training workouts

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