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Triathlon Bricks Training

Triathlon Bricks are combination workouts that pair two triathlon disciplines together (swim-bike or bike-run) to prepare your body for the challenges of your triathlon race day. They are key to pulling all your tri training together and getting your body used to the strain of biking after swimming, and running after biking. Triathlon Bricks are a heavy load on your body, so to prevent injury, should be done well into your training season, after you have a solid training base in each discipline.

Pick your Triathlon Brick type and Set your distance
For most, the swim-bike transition is easier than the bike-run. So, when deciding your triathlon brick type, you'll likely want to do more bike-run Bricks, than swim-bike.

Set your triathlon brick distance based on your race distance, your training level and your training focus. A good rule of thumb for distance is to set your swim-bike Bricks at 30%-50% of race distance, and bike-run Bricks at 50%-65% of race distance. For example, for an Olympic distance event, a swim-bike Brick would be .5k-.75k swim-12k-20k bike, and a bike-run Brick 20k-26k bike-5k-6.5k run. But, remember:

  • gradually build to these brick distances;
  • consider splitting your triathlon Bricks early in the season by doing a swim workout in the morning and a Bike in the afternoon, or Bike in the morning and Run in the afternoon;
  • consider adding a short "taster" bike or run Brick of 10 minutes or so to your swim or bike workout to just give your body a taste of the challenge switching from one discipline to another;
  • shorten your distances as you increase your intensity and speed;
  • consider doing sets of shorter repeat triathlon Bricks as an advanced workout, and to practice your transitions;
  • listen to your body and adjust your distances as needed to avoid injury and overtraining.

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